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Tips for Safe Online Shopping With a Credit Card

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tips for safe online shopping | Tips for Safe Online Shopping With a Credit Card

The credit card is one of the facilities provided and offered by the bank to its customers. You can use the credit card itself and use it as additional funds. Because, if you choose to shop using a credit card payment method, you don’t have to have the cash to make a payment.

Shopping fees that you pay via credit card will be covered in advance by the bank. So, when you use a credit card to shop, you actually already have a debt to the bank. Well, your credit card bill usually has to be paid 15 days after the printed date of the transaction.

You don’t need to worry too much about the date of your credit card bill, as long as you can use the facilities wisely. Especially at this time, you live in the midst of the progress of the times, wherefrom home you can shop online at various e-commerce such as Amazon, Alibaba, and so on. Not surprisingly, many millennial generations today shop online in e-commerce using a credit card.

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5 Tips for Safe Online Shopping With a Credit Card

If you really frequently shop online using a credit card, you should protect your credit card information through the following safety tips:

1. Transact on Trusted Online Shopping Sites

Of the many e-commerce sites, maybe you are still confused about which online shopping sites have credit card transaction security. However, if you choose a trusted online shopping site, security and comfort when making transactions or purchasing products with a credit card are definitely guaranteed. Then how to identify a trusted online shopping site?

You can first look at his reputation in the public eye. Sites that have been operating for a long time and are known to the public such as Amazon, Alibaba can certainly be the ideal choice. In addition, you can also review the rating and review the application on the Google Playstore. We recommend that you choose an online shopping site that has an app with a rating above 4.5 and more than 1,000,000 reviewers with positive reviews on average.

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2. Do not Do Online Transactions with Public Facilities

You are not advised to use public computers such as computers in internet cafes. Not only that, the internet access that you are using should not be connected to public services, for example, public WiFi in restaurants, parks, or other crowded centers.

Make sure you transact with a personal computer and a secure router. Never save information about your credit card if a notification appears asking if you want your credit card information to be “saved”. Questions like this often appear after you enter your credit card PIN and finish making payments. After you make a transaction, you should log out of the online shopping site as soon as possible.

3. Protect Your Device With Anti Virus

You can use software that is truly licensed, especially the most updated and original Windows software. Because, if you use genuine Windows software on your laptop and personal computer, usually they will always provide notifications and updates to the software you are using.

The use of anti-virus software really needs to be installed on your computer or laptop. However, note that this is not enough to secure your personal data if you still have the habit of opening unsecured sites through a browser on your personal computer.

4. Continue to Monitor Credit Card Usage

You can monitor the history of your credit card usage transactions through internet banking or mobile banking services depending on the bank that released your credit card. This is useful for finding out whether there is a suspicious credit card transaction or not.

You can also monitor whether there are suspicious transactions with your credit card via an SMS notification sent by the bank to your cellphone number. You can apply this step because a notification will usually appear every time there is a payment settlement using a credit card.

Avoid the Rrisk of Theft of Your Credit Card Information

Those are tips for safe shopping online with a credit card that you can do so you can avoid the risk of theft of credit card information. Securing credit card data is very important because it can be misused by irresponsible parties. Just imagine, the leaked PIN info can be used by hackers to access credit card data, so they can transact freely using your credit card. If so, those who shop, will suffer the consequences.

So, make sure you shop online through trusted e-commerce and access their shopping sites with a personal computer and internet network.

In addition, be diligent in monitoring transaction activity to ensure that the use of your credit card is still free from suspicious transactions that you do not know the purpose of.

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