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Reduce Digital Opium with the Following 6 Tips

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digital opium

Reduce Digital Opium with the Following 6 Tips –

The presence of technology of course brings enormous benefits to us. Coupled with the development of technology, it seems that we are increasingly spoiled in doing various things. Starting from work, socializing, transportation, to even finding a mate, everything can be done via your favorite cellphone.

However, digital technology with all its sophistication on the one hand also has a negative impact on us. Therefore, hopefully, you also don’t become a digital addict because this could actually backfire in your life.

So, what are some tips to avoid digital addiction? Check out the following information:

1. Turning Off the Cell Phone

Deactivating here can be in the form of completely turning off your cellphone, or just turning off the incoming message notification.

In fact, although activating notifications on your cellphone is important so that you don’t miss important information or messages, this also indirectly distracts your concentration.

According to research, the five cellphone notifications you receive in half an hour can disperse your focus.

Therefore, it’s a good idea to do these tips, especially during primary times in your daily life, such as when you are working or driving, for example,

2. ‘Leave’ the Cellphone While Interacting with Others

The research results reveal that even if you don’t look at your cellphone when you are interacting with other people, the screen on the cellphone that is on still plays a role in decreasing the quality of the conversation.

Furthermore, it was explained that this is due to the accustomed focus of our brains to the cellphone so that when we are talking, we are not completely immersed in the ongoing conversation.

The solution, temporarily put your cellphone away when in direct conversation with people around you.

3. Moments Without Gadgets

The third tip, you can try to set aside a few moments without touching your gadget at all.

Even if using a gadget is required because of work demands, you can get around it during recess, or on your way home. Apply this method consistently, and the impact will be felt in the not too distant future.

4. Room Away from Gadgets Smelling Objects

Apart from being a communication tool, sometimes we also use our smartphones as alarms.

Well, when we are about to sleep and then set an alarm for tomorrow morning, that’s where we even become tempted to have fun surfing in cyberspace. As a result, the quality of your sleep and interaction with your partner has decreased.

You can consider replacing the cellphone alarm with an alarm from a digital clock only to avoid this temptation.

Furthermore, also try not to make your room filled with electronic items such as television which also has the potential to interfere with your sleep activities.

6. Divert by Reading Books

Books here are literal books, meaning that they are in physical form because the present era has made it possible to have books in digital form. Reading novels, magazines, or newspapers you can make an “escape” so that you are not just stuck with your favorite cellphone.

In addition, Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project and Better Than Before, said that there is a study that reveals that reading on paper is more likely to allow our brains to be able to digest information selectively than reading e-books. Apart from reading, you can also divert this digital addiction by writing.

7. Say Goodbye to Social Media for a While

Social media is one of the main factors that cause us to become addicted to the digital world. Most of our time is spent accessing social media. Even though social media has many benefits for us, especially in socializing. In fact, this also has an impact on our productivity in the real world.

Therefore, just like point 3, you can try to manage time without social media, such as during work hours. If you still find it difficult, do a little “force” way of temporarily uninstalling your social media applications. Later, when you go home from work, you can install it again.

Use Wisely and As Needed

The digital world is here to provide all the conveniences and entertainment in the midst of tiring daily activities.

However, don’t overdo it in enjoying it because this has a bad impact on you. Good luck!

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