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How To Make Money On Youtube? 10 ways to start today

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make money on youtube
make money on youtube

How to make money on YouTube can be done in a few steps. YouTube is a digital platform these days in great demand by internet users almost all over the world.This platform, allows users to upload, watch, and share videos. Not only that, Google’s video platform has recently become a trend because it promises promising business opportunities.Many successful content creators earn fantastic value on YouTube. This is what makes many people now compete to become Youtuber. So how do you make money on YouTube? Further information:

How To Make Money On YouTube?

Making money on YouTube is easy, maybe listening to some tips on how to make money on YouTube below can help you build your YouTube channel.

1. Create a YouTube Channel

The first step to getting money from YouTube is to first create an account on YouTube if you don’t have one already. Try logging into YouTube (you can use a Google account to log in and sign up, instead of filling out all the form data again from scratch).Then create your channel. Think about what names are appealing to your YouTube channel and how your channel is conceptualized, how the theme or character of your channel compares to similar channels or channels.

2. Monetize YouTube channels

Try to log in to your YouTube account, select the “Account Information” menu located on the top right, and click “Studio Creator“. Then, in the left menu, select “Channels” and click “Status and Features”. Finally, select “Enable Monetization“. Then agree to the existing agreement.

3. Connect YouTube channel to Adsense

After enabling monetization on your YouTube channel, you will need to connect and approve an AdSense account to your YouTube account.Later there will be YouTube analytics features that you can use to track your earnings, which will pay off only if you complete or follow YouTube’s payment threshold.

4. Optimizing the monetization function

To earn money from YouTube by optimizing your YouTube channel, you must meet the following criteria or follow:
  • Videos must be user friendly
  • The content has to be your original work to get promoted
  • The copyright-protected video you coax off the Internet will do nothing so it’s better to cancel your intention to copy
  • Your video must pay attention to the terms of service and community guidelines that have been created by YouTube
  • After your video activates the monetization function, some advertisements will appear on your next video

5. Conversion rates to product pages

If you are in charge of a specific company or business, you can turn your YouTube channel into an opportunity to increase your conversion rate.Create content that shows how good and attractive the product you want to highlight through soft promotion. Then create a link on your product page in the YouTube Video Description column.This is often done by vloggers looking to sell something subtle. For example, music videos usually record many specific products used by lead stars or singers.

6. Sell videos on video sales websites

Earning money from YouTube can also sell your videos on commercial websites that provide a means for you video-makers to sell your work. So, on YouTube, you can upload the show as a teaser and direct your audience to pay if you want to watch the full version.Affiliate marketing is definitely a very popular opportunity to make money online. The problem is that so many affiliate marketers don’t present the details of the effort it takes to generate a lot of income.Instead of relying on existing blogs to direct people to affiliate links, try to create a cool YouTube channel and use it as a catalyst that can point to affiliate links.As your visual niche grows, where people become lazy about reading long texts, you can grow your business even faster.

8. Attractive sponsorship

If you observe the well-known YouTubers succeeding on the internet, you should know that in almost all their YouTube video content there is always an element of sponsorship and advertising. These two aspects they use to make money from YouTube.

9. Live speaking

Then, if you already have enough fanbase or fans, you can have meetings and greetings. You may create a regular schedule so that your community can grow.This activity is done to increase your backwardness with your loyal customers or audience. Then, you can also sell products or promote other content during the event and take advantage of this opportunity to get to know who your niche market is more.

10. Think out of the box

You need to think outside the box if you want to produce a compelling video to watch from start to finish, then share it again with people until it ends up going viral. Next, we will provide examples of videos that are most watched by people and can make more money than YouTube.Those are some ways how to make money on YouTube that you can try. making money from YouTube does require patience and cannot be obtained instantly. Good luck
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