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How to Start a Graphic Design Business in 6 Simple Steps

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how to start a graphic design business

How to Start a Graphic Design Business in 6 Simple Steps

With the advancement of online technology today, there are more and more business opportunities. Call it a graphic design business opportunity.


This is because graphic design is needed for online marketing activities and digital information media.

For those of you who have graphic design talent, you can run the business online or offline. The two methods can work together and even support each other.

What Are the Advantages of a A Graphic Design Business?

The first thing that is most obvious is in terms of capital. Graphic design business capital is minimal. Only with a computer, printer, and internet connection, you can start a graphic design business from home.

The most important capital is persistence and the intention to open a business. Indeed, the biggest challenge today is the increasingly high level of competition.

How to Start a Graphic Design Business

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In order for the graphic design business that we run to be able to grow rapidly, we must know several supporting factors.

1. Always Promote Using Online Media

There are many methods that can be run for online promotion. However, as a beginner, you can start with just social media first. Create an attractive fan page, provide your graphic content, then promote your fan page.

The second step that can be done for those of you who have capital, you can create a personal website. A website that contains your design portfolio and contains free tutorials on graphic design.

This method is quite effective if you are able to master the correct optimization techniques. The world of blogs is not as easy as imagined. Need special tricks to be able to reach millions of visitors per day.

2. Use Advanced Technology

Today, there are many types of graphic design software available. So, you have to be smart to find the best software that fits your job.

For example:

If you intend to master 3D Animation graphic design, then you can use the latest Adobe or directly use Autodesk Maya. Sophisticated software like this is quite expensive if you buy it.

For example:

You want to master invitation card design, choreography design, then you can use photoshop.

For the initial stage, you can try the trial version or the student version first. The goal is that you can measure whether it is worth buying the application.

Technology is intended to make it easier for humans, so be smart in choosing which one is the best so that your business grows quickly.

3. Use a Fast and Stable Connection

Requirements for your work to run smoothly in the online field, you certainly need speed when accessing existing media.

For example, when you answer orders and questions on social media, you certainly need speed to do this. Not to mention for those of you who use blog media, a fast and stable connection is a must.

Having fast internet access really helps your activities.

Nowadays, a stable internet connection is very easy to get. 4G network is everywhere. Take advantage of this as possible to advance your business.

4. Always be Creative

Nowadays, competition in the business world is getting harder. So, to win the competition and become winners, we must be willing to always be creative in making innovations.

Creativity is not only in terms of design but in terms of promotion or use of technology used. So, never feel satisfied with the current conditions, always innovate and make improvements for the development of your business.

To get inspiration to always be creative, you can always learn, always add insight, and always ask the experts.

Or, you can see the trend development that is currently happening. Of course, it must be in the form of developments that are still one topic with your business.

It is not impossible for you to be interested in website graphic design, this field is part of the creative graphic design industry.

5. Expand Business Network

Not a single big business in the world can run alone without the help of others. All successful business people must have a network or partner. The more partners you have, the more business opportunities will be.

Try to pay attention to the collaboration of big companies, they work together to help each other and benefit each other. Especially now that the graphic design industry is very busy. You can try collaboration techniques with other graphic design business people.

Suppose you join a website graphic designer, you can offer each other services. This kind of collaboration can provide mutual benefits.

6. Learn Innovative Promotional Techniques

No matter how great your product is, without promotional skills, it will be nothing. For that, so that your services are increasingly in demand, you must be smart when carrying out promotional activities.

There are many promotional techniques and methods, such as providing discounts, membership, partnerships, trials, promos, gifts, and so on. This method is very effective to apply, depending on the experience you get.

7. Prioritize Consumers to Reach Loyal Customers

The consumer is king. Win their trust by providing the best service.

Try to pay attention to large companies, they definitely provide customer service to serve their customers. This method is very effective and it is recommended that your business also grows.

Services can be carried out in various ways, such as by providing complete tutorials, providing email to be contacted, or by providing telephone contacts.

The more consumers trust you, they will always be your loyal customers. In fact, it is not impossible that they will become automatic promotion machines.

How to Become a Graphic Designer Without Going to School

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When pursuing a field of science, we have to learn first, so we can better understand it, one of which is graphic design.

However, maybe many of you are confused about how to learn graphic design? Actually, learning graphic design is easy because you can learn on your own. So, what is the way to learn graphic design without going to school?

1. Make Up Your Mind

It is true that people say that when doing something must be based on the intention instilled in the heart. This also applies when you are going to study graphic design, especially if you aspire to be a reliable designer.

Ask yourself whether the graphic design is your passion because if not, chances are you will learn halfway.

2. Starting From Easy Software

The way to learn graphic design independently is to choose the software that you think is the easiest. There are two design processing companies, namely Adobe and Macromedia.

You can choose which software is the easiest and most fun to use. After knowing what software you are going to do, you have to learn it first, not try other software instead.

If you change software frequently, chances are that you don’t have any software that you are good at. So, once there is one software that you really understand how to use, then switch to other design software to increase your abilities.

3. Forget the Tutorial Books

When there is an intention to learn design, maybe you will go to a bookstore and buy a tutorial book to make it easier for you.

However, it will actually be more effective if you jump right into trying the many tools in the software, rather than reading books. Because when you try something and there is an error, it means you will understand more.

4. Create Easy Objects

Maybe you often find cool design work that makes you want to try designs like that. Well, because your position as a beginner might be more difficult.

It’s a good idea to try easy objects first to start with, such as a picture of a bowl, glass, TV, or an object that you find easy.

There are many ways to learn graphic design, but learning gradually becomes a wise thing. Why? Because learning graphic design is like playing games, there will be levels that make you even better.

When learning gradually, without realizing it, you will try difficult things and if you can pass it, your abilities will increase.

5. Join the Community

And the next way to learn design is to follow the existing design community. A good community usually always holds discussions and later it will add to your skills and knowledge.

Make it a habit to be active while following the community. Shame asking questions is something that you must eliminate when learning graphic design independently.

6. Be patient

Maybe you’ve seen your friends who are good at design and you shouldn’t be jealous.

In the world of graphic design, there is no instant master. It takes constant practice and the struggles and sacrifices that you might make. Well, being patient will really help you. Start by practicing patience and never giving up.


Those were some tips that you can try when you want to start a graphic design business. What matters most is the intention to take the business seriously. There is no giving up, there is a challenge to achieve success.

Hopefully, this article will give you inspiration. If you have questions, please write them in the comment form below. Greetings always a success.

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