How to Sell Your Product on Instagram In 10 Easy Guides

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how to sell product on instagram | How to Sell Your Product on Instagram In 10 Easy Guides

It must be easy to start with!

In addition to being a social media platform that is loved by the public, Instagram is also useful for business people, especially online businesses.

An Instagram account can be used as a business branding channel and also a place to sell.

10 Tips to Sell Product On Instagram

There are several tips to sell your product on instagram that we have summarized. Let’s see the full review below.

1. Make a Professional Instagram Account

You can create a special account for businesses on Instagram. On Instagram itself, we have the option to switch ordinary accounts into professional accounts.

The difference is that in a professional account, you can display a business profile and advertise through Instagram Ads. Meanwhile, not on regular accounts.

We recommend that you have a professional account from the start even though you haven’t started advertising through Instagram Ads.

2. Maximize Your Business Account Profile

Take advantage of the details on Instagram to maximize your business account profile, such as uploading a brand logo photo as a profile photo.

You can also enter keywords, including contacts that can be contacted. Displaying business categories, including website links, and also maximizing the display of highlights on your business account profile.

3. Connect other social media accounts

On Instagram, you can connect your business account with accounts on other social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others.

You can choose to connect it with a business account that you created on other social media or connect it with your personal account on other social media.

With this connection feature, every post you make on Instagram will automatically load on other connected social media, especially Facebook.

4. Upload Product Photos with Interest

Provide the best visualization of the products you sell on Instagram. Choose good product photos for online content, for example, on a white background.

You can add watermarks, frames, logos, or other interesting images to your product photos as a signature.

5. Write An Interesting Caption

In addition to loading product information, you can create a post caption according to the persona or writing technique (copywriting) you want to use.

If your target audience is male, then you can use words like bro, men, and others to build a macho persona.

You can also create your caption writing with various writing techniques, such as storytelling, which is a writing technique with storytelling or other techniques.

You can learn captions from well-known brand accounts or famous online stores on Instagram as a reference persona.

6. Use Effective Hashtags

Don’t use too many hashtags and don’t use the same hashtag pattern over and over. Both of these things can be detected as spam. Use hashtags with a composition of 3-5 hashtags only.

Choose hashtags that are not only widely searched, but also use hashtags that are not too searched for to help your posts appear in more specific searches.

The ideal composition is for example 3 hashtags that are not too much sought after and 2 hashtags that are much sought after so that 5 hashtags are used.

Another important thing is to make sure every hashtag you use is related to the product you are posting to.

7. Manage Your Posting Schedule Effectively

Do not post multiple posts in proximity as this could be detected as spam. Schedule posts that you want to do effectively. A good online shop account must have a minimum of 100 product posts on Instagram.

If you want to post a lot of products at the beginning, do this before you have followers. Because followers will be disturbed by consecutive posts from 1 account. Anticipate spam detection from Instagram with scheduled posts such as 2 posts per 3 hours and so on.

8. Post Interesting Content

Your followers will get annoyed if you only post products you want to sell continuously. Post other things, especially the actual things that are getting the attention of many people, which remains positive.

Materials such as quotes from characters, business experiences, inspirational stories, and others can be the content in your posts.

You can also create content that suits your target consumers, for example, you sell women’s products, so create content that is close to the world of women, such as shopping, traveling, maybe even cooking recipes.

It also helps build a persona in your branding. If this is done, many people will be more interested in following your business account because the content you create is very creative.

For the ideal scheme, you can make 3 non-sales posts and then follow 2 posts about products sold per day, or a similar composition with the most weight remains on non-sales content, such as 4 non-sales posts and 1 post. Sales.

9. Get Followers through Your Personal Account

To develop your business account, there’s nothing wrong with using your personal account as a promotional medium first.

It could be friends on your personal account who will be your earliest base of followers or customers.

Keep your business account as a storefront for the products that you sell completely, and make your personal account only as a promotional medium for the start.

10. Get Followers through Famous Similar Accounts

Try to follow followers from well-known accounts that match your target consumers. For example, if you sell electronic products, you can search for official accounts of famous electronic brands on Instagram and then follow their followers. Do this consistently.

The thing to note is don’t follow multiple accounts at once, this will be detected as spam by Instagram. Do this technique regularly and consistently.

Say you follow 1000 accounts, let’s say you manage to get 10% of that number, then you will get 100 followers organically. Getting 1 original follower is better than 1000 bot followers.

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If you have done the tips on how to sell product on instagram above, you can learn how to maximize your account at a further level, such as advertising through Instagram Ads, using influencers, and others.

Of course, the things that are mentioned last require a large budget. Therefore, if you are a complete beginner, do the 10 things above consistently first. If you have got the desired result, then you can move on to the next step.

Good Luck!

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