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How to Start Your Own Online Business Courses

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online business courses | How to Start Your Own Online Business CoursesThe rapid development of internet technology opens up new opportunities that never existed before in the form of an online business. Almost all businesses today can be done online. Starting from online clothing stores, online ticket ordering, to online study guides.Yeah, tutoring has long been a necessity for the community for a long time. It’s just that since the advent of the internet era, there have been changes in business patterns in the tutoring business. Now starting online home courses.The internet allows anyone to now create their own home online course business. Of course, it requires discipline and sufficient calculation for everything you do to be successful.

Notes Before Opening a Online Business Courses

  • In order for this business to move forward, you should determine the target market for children from the start. Starting from elementary school, junior high school, to senior high school. This is because at this level of education requires private tutoring services or special tutoring services outside of school.
  • The second is to have in-depth knowledge and understanding in certain fields. If you have in-depth knowledge of physics, then take a private tutorial for physics. And if you want to complement other materials and subjects, you can invite partners to collaborate or hire people who are experts in their fields.

How to Open Online Business Courses

The private tutoring business is a business that always has an interest. Especially for certain subjects that are on the main menu on the national exam or selection for new student admissions. Technology makes it easy for you to open a private tutoring business and can be done online.Here are tips for starting a Online Business Courses:

1. Determining the Concept of Private Tutoring

To make it easier to develop your business, you must know what concepts you want to use in the business you run. Do you use the franchise concept or start your own. Each model has its own advantages and disadvantages.If you have a franchise model, of course, the more capital you need to get started, but it’s easier in the marketing process. Meanwhile, if you open your own course business, the capital you need is indeed smaller, but it will be full of challenges in the marketing aspect.

2. Do Market Research

Tips for opening the next online course that you have to do is do market research. This is a mandatory step that you must take before starting any business, even if it is an online course business and private lessons. It aims to determine who the consumers of your online course business are.This determination of consumers can be done based on the level of education. So there are consumers who come from elementary, junior high, and senior high school students. Then after determining the target consumers, now you have to realize that you are now an educator. So you have to make sure how to make students understand what you are saying, not just about business.

3. Prepare Adequate Human Resources

Preparing quality and competent human resources is a must. Especially in terms of education. You must also have good communication skills so that the material presented is easier for students to understand. Besides that, motivating yourself is also important because the job of being an educator is something that is full of challenges.Apart from yourself, the teachers and staff are the human resources that you have to prepare. You can recruit teaching staff from well-known universities or schools. Also, use the alumni circle for the school or campus where you studied. This will make it easier to find out the competence of the teacher in your private lessons.

4. Creating a Different Image

Brand image is very important so that people glance at your business. Create a different image, not owned by other similar businesses. This can be done for example by providing attractive program offers.

5. Do a Promotion

Promotion is important in opening a private tutoring business. Without promotion, your private tutoring business will not be known to many people. There are many promotional ways you can do. Can be offline, and online.For online promotion, you can use social media which is currently loved by many people. You can offer your services on various Facebook forums, or post interesting content on Instagram and Twitter.Don’t forget the website either. For those of you who are in the business of online courses and private lessons, it is highly recommended to have a website.
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For offline promotion, you can distribute pamphlets and collaborate with schools to promote them. You can also hold seminars, make banners, and so on. The message is clear, so that everyone knows about your product.

6. Create a Fun Study Room

Next, what you should think about when starting an online course business is to prepare a fun learning space. Wait, right online, why do you have to make a pleasant study room? The answer is necessary.Organizing a proper and good study room will not only improve the mood of the students but will also make you as the teacher get a positive atmosphere when teaching.

7. Create Account For Online Messenger

Almost everyone now uses messaging applications such as WhatsApp or Telegram.This online messenger account aims to be integrated and effective for use by students and parents.

7. Report Child Development

Parents will be very happy if you as an owner of private tutoring and online courses provide regular reports on the development of their child.Feel free to provide suggestions for improving children’s learning evaluations. So that parents can also monitor the progress between before taking private lessons and after taking private lessons.


Opening an online course business is an opportunity as well as a challenge provided by the internet.You can start by giving private lessons in your environment to find out how much interest and benefit from the products you provide.
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